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TMA Case Study
Read the case study given below and answer the question at the end of the case.
Saturn is the division of the General Motors. Saturn’s aim is to satisfying all customers and also aims to gain the customersloyalty by providing them good quality of cars and services.
Saturn advertises around the theme: A different kind of company. A different kind of car.
Though the Saturn cars cost only $10,000 to $16,000, but Saturn is very committed to provide its customers the same level of service and consideration typically associated with expensive and luxury cars.
Saturn stated objective is to be "the friendliest, best-liked car company in the world” The company states:
"We're going to do more than what the customer expects, and in the long run, I think it will enhance our image."
Saturn's attempt to build an image of a high-quality car built by skilled, caring workers and sold with the help of dealers. They did two small tests in its first two years. In one, it had to recall and replace 1,836 cars that had received improper coolant (a radiator which keep car’s engine cool). In another, it had to repair 1,480 cars with faulty seat-back recliners. In the second case, the firm made a TV commercial showing a Saturn representative flying to location to fix the car of a resident who had purchased it in the first year of its launch.
However, in 1993 Saturn began receiving reports of a wire short-circuiting and causing a fire. Thirty-four fires (no injuries) were reported. Saturn faced a dilemma. A recall would involve 350,000 cars and a direct expense of as much as $ 35 million. Any negative publicity associated with the recall could seriously depress sales. Saturn had yet to break even and General Motors was under serious financial pressure.
Saturn managers decided to deal with the problem in a manner consistent with its company objective described early. It quickly notified all purchasers of the affected cars and asked them to contact their dealers to have the defective wire replaced at no charge. The dealerships extended their operating hours, hired extra personnel, arranged door-to door pickup and delivery, provided free car washes, and also severed the coffee along with snacks to all the customers visiting dealers for getting their cars repaired. All the repaired cars had a courtesy card placed inside that said:
"We'd like to thank you for allowing us to make this connection today. We know an event like this will test our relationship, so we want to repeat to you our basic promise - that everyone at Saturn is fully committed to making you as happy a Saturn owner as we can."
According to Steve Shannon, Saturn's director of consumer marketing, the decision to handle the recall in this manner was simple:
"The measure of whether we are a different kind of company is how we handle the bad times as well as the good. We're trying to minimize the inconvenience and show that we stand behind the cars, so that our owners don't lose faith in us or the cars."
How have consumers responded to the recall? Mrs. James, a customer, learned of the recall from friends who had heard of it on news reports before she received her letter from Saturn. She took her car to the dealer who served her coffee and doughnuts during the 24-minute repair. Her response:
"I expected this would be my first bad experience with Saturn. But it was so positive, I trust them even more than when I purchased the car."
Questions: (Answer all the question in 500-600 words, each question carries 25 points)
1. What do you mean by customer value, satisfaction, trust and retention and how Saturn is committed to provide customer value, satisfaction, trust and retention?Discuss.
Customer value is the benefit that a customer will get from a product or service in comparison with its cost. This benefit might be measured in monetary terms, such as when a product helps save the customer money that would have been spent on something else. A benefit also can be difficult to quantify, such as the enjoyment that a customer receives from a product or service. The term "customer value" should not be confused with the value of customers to businesses.

The degree of satisfaction provided by the goods or services of a company as measured by the number of repeat customers.

2. What relationship marketing is and why it is important? Discuss how relationship marketing will be helpful to the Saturn for retaining their existing customer and attracting new customers? Give justifications and examples to support your discussion.
3. Discuss post purchase behavior and post purchase dissonance and also discuss the reasons of post purchase dissonance with suitable examples. Do you agree that the Saturn’s owners had post purchase dissonance explain with proper justifications?

4. Discuss the manner in which Saturn handled the recall. In your opinion is there any other better option that would have been taken by Saturn, discuss with justifications.

General Mark’s deductions of 20% as follows
• PT3 Form (failure to use the PT3 completely filled) (deduct up to 5% marks)
• TMA Presentation and Structure, and word count (untidy, work way below or above the word count, no display of word count) (deduct up to 5% marks)
• Referencing and in-text citation (deduct up to 5 % marks)
• E-library (deduct up to 5 % marks)


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